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Is Your Internet Slow?

Starting to get calls from folks having problems with browsing the internet. Popups slow page to page movement etc, the common theme they all are using Internet Explorer. Would you like to learn about how to browse the internet safer, have a faster browsing experience, and protect your data and even your identity. Give us a call. We can install our custom suite of software and give you the training on how to protect yourself and your computer.


Learning Windows 8

Windows 8 was released late last year, right in time to pull in the Christmas shopping rush with a shiny, new setup. As consumers of technology, most of us have a desire to have the newest toy on the market. However, as the last few months have passed, we have seen Windows 8 become the focus of new jokes. I would like to take a moment to debunk some of the assumptions that we automatically have about this technology.

First, and most noteworthy, Windows 8 was designed to be used with touch screens, not with the traditional pc or laptop. When used appropriately, Windows 8 functions the way it was designed to. With the updates that came with Windows 8, there were formatting changes. When you boot up your system, the desktop no longer looks as it has since the nineties. This generated brand new issues by simply creating a need for us to basically relearn everything that we have previously known about using our own computers. For some this transition is taken with ease, for others, this can be a process that we find maddening.

Secondly, most corporate stores, such as Wal-Mart, no longer carry computers with Windows 7. As a local, privately owned computer company, 31st Century Techsupport is able to provide Windows 7 on the systems that we provide. Additionally, if you have purchased the Windows 8 operating system, be it on an new computer, or a an upgrade, 31st Century Techsupport can downgrade the operating system to Windows 7.