Gareth McGee

garreth31st Century Techsupport is owned and operated by Gareth McGee.

Gareth was raised in Arkansas City, by his father, who owns a small local business. When he graduated from high school, he traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, to study at DeVry University. He studied electronics while attending, and graduated in the year 2000. Several years later, with many different I.T. support roles under his belt, he came home to Arkansas City. He founded 31st Century Techsupport with the simple goal of helping local businesses embrace technology, and educate people in how to utilize technology to its fullest potential.

Thanks to the experiences he gained while working in Kansas City, he can successfully perform a variety of tasks from the simplest repair to a complete system overhaul. There is no job too big or too small for his attentions, nor is there a limit to the lengths he will go in order to facilitate a customer’s needs.